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We're experienced enough to not believe in fairytales anymore. We can't promise fame overnight and we can't deliver hundreds of gigs pe year. What we can do is sweat, grind, and build, together with our artists. If fame and success happen all at once, we're ready for them. If not, we're ready to make them happen. Song by song. Gig by gig. Fan by fan.

Our golden rules


Dare to dream

It’s just not our style to tell the artist what to do. We strongly encourage our artists to dream and we see our job as being the ones to separate the beautiful dreams from the nightmares.

No empty promises

We’re a boutique artist management and booking company. We don’t fight for market share, we fight for our artists. We don’t make empty promises just to sign an act, we carefully choose what we sign and we never put pen to paper before we can be sure that there’s good chemistry between us.
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We strongly believe that artists must stay independent for as long as possible. If you don’t have any leverage, better not sit at the negotiation table. So, if your strategy is “record deal no matter what”, sorry, but this is the wrong place for you.