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Who are Amadeus?

Four women who dare to make a cocktail out of thrilling rhythms and the divine sounds arising out of the electric versions of his favorite instruments. Bass, volume, movement, exoticism, color, and beautiful people having fun.
That’s what Amadeus Electric Quartet is doing - exploring a new direction with an overdose of energy reloading masterpieces of music from the distant until today. Vibrant rhythms of Cha Cha or the euphoria of Bolero, strings and keyboards electrifying the clubbing beats ... an unusual mix that manages to put the music scene in a surprising perspective.


How does our collaboration look like?

Amadeus and Eventer Agency approached each other cautiously, with the the type of prudence that only years of experience in the music business can yield. In meetings that extended over a year, artist and agency discovered that they have common values, gained trust in each other, and decided to start a collaboration that aims to make the next 20 years in Amadeus' career be even greater than the first 20.

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